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Sea Leisure Yachting Group (SLYG) is a pioneer in marine leisure and yacht manufacturing in Sri Lanka. Our mission is to employ sustainable practices to develop Sri Lanka into a global hub for yacht manufacturing, charters, yacht harbouring and other yacht-related services. SLYG specialises in creating marine tourism experiences through our leisure arm, Sail Lanka, end-to-end boat manufacturing, joint ventures, and marina management.

Our team is full of boat industry experts, and youth expertly trained by SLYG's Building A Future Foundation to deliver world-class products and services.

SLYG is the pioneer in sailing catamaran manufacturing in Sri Lanka. We specialise in using the world's best boat building technology and techniques to create world-class sailing vessels. SLYG's manufacturing expertise spans yacht design, end-to-end yacht building and maintenance. We also collaborate with operators in the global boat building industry to bring projects to life and support other companies with their manufacturing needs.

At present, we operate two mini marinas in Sri Lanka in Colombo Port City and the Mirissa Fisheries Harbour, offering a comprehensive range of services to the yachting industry.

Our mission is to employ sustainable practices to develop Sri Lanka into a global hub for the yachting industry, and to navigate marine tourism to new horizons.




01. Tsunami hits Sri Lanka



01. Creation of the SLRT

Creation of the Solideal Loadstar Rehabilitation Trust (SLRT) by to rebuild the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, with a total budget of 6,7 million USD reaching 15 000 direct and 25 000 indirect beneficiaries.


01. Creation of Building A Future Foundation as an extension of SLRT.
02. Creation of the Ruhunu Sailing Association, free Sailing classes for more than 250 youngsters trained in Mirissa


01. Mirissa Water Sports

First Whales Watching company in Sri Lanka, SME initiated by BAF Foundation

02. Set up of the Sail Making loft & of the mast making unit


01. Creation of BAFF Polymech, new boat building company and implementation of our first boatyard in Koggala, Sri Lanka. Export of the first boat.


01. Creation of Sabrosa Rain: First Yacht design office in Sri Lanka.
02. Creation of the Ruhunu Dragon Association
03. Creation of Solar Impulse

established in 2011 and specialized in marine electronics, composite works, mast, boom, sail making, ribs boat manufacturing and modern sailing catamarans (of up to 51 ft.). This mainly caters for the local market. And also the 1st and only mini marina operator in the Island for commercial activities. Newly set up Mini Marina at Colombo Port city


01. Creation of Sail Lanka Charter : First Charter company in Sri Lanka – BOI company


01. Creation of Sea Leisure Yachting Group


01. Construction of the second training center in Jaffna


01. Official launch of the training center in Jaffna
02. November 2022 - Acquisition of Ocean Voyager by SLYG


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Sail Lanka Charter is the pioneer in offering sea leisure experiences around Sri Lanka. Our fleet of 10 yachts is designed for comfort and adventure, sailing you toward unparalleled views of Sri Lanka's serene waters and pristine beaches.


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BAFF Polymech specialises in end-to-end manufacturing of sailing catamarans, sailing boats and rigid inflatable boats. We utilize high-tech materials and industry-leading production processes to deliver world-class products.


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We utilise our expertise and production capabilities in Sri Lanka to collaborate with yacht makers and companies around the globe on different projects. We are currently working in partnership with Grand Large Yachting Group, France.


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SLYG finances, develops and builds mini-marinas in Sri Lanka. SLYG is currently operating 2 marinas: Colombo City Marina and Mirissa from where we provide charter cruises but also service and maintenance for visiting yachts.


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