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Sea Leisure Yachting is a pioneer in Sri Lanka's boat building and marine leisure industry, offering a range of solutions to global and local clients, from yacht manufacturing to boat charters to marina management services.

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Sail Lanka Charter is the pioneer in offering sea leisure experiences around Sri Lanka. Our fleet of 10 yachts is designed for comfort and adventure, sailing you toward unparalleled views of Sri Lanka's serene waters and pristine beaches.


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BAFF Polymech specialises in end-to-end manufacturing of sailing catamarans, sailing boats and rigid inflatable boats. We utilize high-tech materials and industry-leading production processes to deliver world-class products.


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We utilise our expertise and production capabilities in Sri Lanka to collaborate with yacht makers and companies around the globe on different projects. We are currently working in partnership with Grand Large Yachting Group, France.


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SLYG finances, develops and builds mini-marinas in Sri Lanka. SLYG is currently operating 2 marinas: Colombo City Marina and Mirissa from where we provide charter cruises but also service and maintenance for visiting yachts.

Ocean Voyager
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The Ocean Diamond is a floating boutique hotel designed for cruising in luxury. Complete with air-conditioned cabins, a lounge and bar area, and multiple sundecks, the Ocean Diamond is perfect for relaxation and pure ocean indulgence.

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Ocean Voyager day charter catamarans are the perfect choice for tour operators and day charter professionals, who demand style and elegance in a craft that is rugged and built to last.

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The CEYCAT is a versatile catamaran built for exploring the ocean’s vast treasures and views. The CEYCAT’s design includes open decks, comfortable cabins with attached bathrooms and can be customised with jet ski launchers and other add-ons.

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The Pulse is a high-quality rigid inflatable boat that can be built in different sizes and configurations. It’s ideal for relaxing with friends and family, cruising solo and much more, including commercial or military use.

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The minibee combines advanced manufacturing techniques with a sleek design that's optimised for smooth sailing. Offered as an open-top or with a cabin, it can be used for calm journeys out to sea or competitive sailing.


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Colombo City Marina
Mirissa Marina
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SLYG operates two marinas in Sri Lanka, one in the Mirissa Harbour and the other at the Colombo Port City. We offer mooring space, provide crew support and supply food, electricity and maintenance and repair services.

Sail Lanka is the only sailing company to operate around the island in Sri Lanka. We operate a fleet of 10 yachts which travellers can charter to explore the serene waters along Sri Lanka’s 1,340 kilometres of resplendent coastline and delve into the wonders of the island.

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