Design and R&D

Sabrosa Rain Advanced Technologies

Sabrosa Rain Advanced Technologies (SRAT) is our naval architecture bureau, specialising in yacht design and research and development. SRAT’s areas of expertise include:

  • Yacht Design
  • Motorboat Design
  • Fishing and passengers boat design for small vessels
  • Ship refit and conformity studies
  • Misc Industry Design somewhere related to ship industry
  • Stability experiments and calculations
  • Structural FEM calculations including composites materials for hulls & keels
  • Structural FEM calculations at second order (high displacements) for rigs
  • Fins and profiles optimization and performances calculations
  • Project management, Quality controlling and Energy savings audits.
  • Class approbation.
  • Consulting and Coordination with Classification Societies. (CE, Lloyd’s, BV, SCV)
  • Certificate : ISO 9001 – 2015

SRAT uses advanced 3D design software and operates in collaboration with international design studios such as VPLP and international certification agencies such as Lloyd’s and CE. The team works closely with the BAFF Polymech teams to ensure every aspect of our designs is brought to life in the highest quality.


10 Years

of Excellence