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In 2017, Sea Leisure Yachting Group joint Venture with Grand Large Yachting for the manufacture of Ocean Voyager day charter catamarans. This is how Grand Large Yachting Asia (Pvt) Ltd was born.

Grand Large Yachting is one of the largest and fast growing boat builders based in France. They manufacture various-sized day charter sailing catamarans under the brand of “Ocean Voyager”

Product Range

Ocean Voyager 53 yacht

Ocean Voyager 53

Ocean Voyager 64 yacht

Ocean Voyager 64

Ocean Voyager 78 yacht

Ocean Voyager 78

Ocean Voyager 40 yacht

Ocean Voyager 40

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A larger facility designed to meet the increasing demand from clients operating from the Indian Ocean, Asia, Oceania and Western Pacific, the Sri Lankan shipyard is equipped to produce boats designed, managed, and guaranteed by OV France, built to European standards, and certified by the IMCI. GL Yachting Asia has been certified ISO 9001 for the quality of its management process. With a capacity of 4 boats per year, GL Yachting Asia delivers the whole range in Asia with the quality standards of Ocean Voyager France. All boats are EC certified and close to our Asian-region customers.

Sea Leisure Yachting Group has acquired experience with plug and mould making, and we are subcontracted to produce the plug and mould for the newly designed Ocean Voyager 40.

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