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Ceycat Models

Ceycat 47

CEYCAT 47 is designed to accommodate up to 25 passengers and has an open plan for better views. It's ideal for day-cruises and sea leisure activity. The current model is complete with 2 double cabins and a spacious relaxing and dining area

Ceycat 53

With CEYCAT's large range, sustainability is always at the forefront, merging both comfort and performance from 53 to 55 feet, our range is highly customisable. CEYCAT 53 range is available in 4 and 6 cabin versions with the option of adding features such as a jet ski launcher, kayak/SUP storage, bar area and much more

Ceycat 55

new project under development. We decided to redesign the accommodation and self-isolation requirements onboard to incorporate Covid-19, by considering this we adjusted our production mold in such a way to facilitate space onboard. CEYCAT 55 new design mold has already started, to ensure all imperatives are met.

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A cool cat.
A cool cat.
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