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Sail Lanka is the only sailing company to operate around the island in Sri Lanka. We operate a fleet of 10 yachts which travellers can charter to explore the serene waters along Sri Lanka’s 1,340 kilometres of resplendent coastline and delve into the wonders of the island.

As a travel destination, Sri Lanka offers tourists a myriad of attractions including 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 15 National Park abundant with endemic flora and fauna. Its 500,000 acres of lush tea estates, 250 acres of exotic botanical gardens, 350 picturesque waterfalls, and historical sites provide travellers with a world of nature, culture, and heritage to experience.

Sail Lanka is committed to socially responsible tourism and the services we offer are designed to share Sri Lanka’s many treasures with travellers in ways that empower local communities and contribute to the preservation of the island’s marine environment.

Day Cruises

The perfect short vacation sailing travellers to the serene waters of Sri Lanka’s beautiful coast, for sightseeing and exciting marine leisure activities such as snorkelling, paddle boarding, jet skiing and much more.

Overnight Cruises

Curated cruises where travellers can charter their own private boat or book a cabin on a shared boat, taking them on 1-6 days of marine adventure along the coast, with optional onshore activities ranging from cultural site visits to wildlife park excursions.


Ocean Diamond

The flagship of our fleet, the Ocean Diamond is a floating boutique hotel we launched and sail in Sri Lankan waters. It's designed with three levels; the upper level consists of an air-conditioned lounge and bar area that opens out onto a relaxed sundeck with unparalleled views. The main deck houses 10 comfortable cabins with enclosed bathrooms, able to host up to 22 guests and every cabin on the level opens out to a private balcony. The Ocean Diamond is made for cruising and its open flybridge and sea-facing configuration is designed specifically for the tropical market.


The CEYCAT combines a comfortable and spacious layout to provide guests with a smooth sailing experience that’s complete with all the modern amenities needed for stress-free journeys into the blue. Currently built with up to 6 cabins, the CEYCAT can be outfitted with add-on features for an enhanced sea leisure experience. Its formula is highly customisable according to different customer specifications. From its design to the manufacturing process to usage, every aspect of the CEYCAT has been conceived to have a low carbon footprint.

The CEYCAT is built with our expertise in:

  • Tropical Climate Catamarans
  • Comfort matched with Performance
  • Infused Fibreglass Technology
  • Highly customisable Catamarans


The Minibee brand sailboats were designed by Sabrosa in France and developed and manufactured in Sri Lanka using the most advanced boat building technologies. The first model was based on the min transat 6.5 m class. Powerful, fast and fun to sail.

The Minibee is a boat that's easy to sail, and on the racing, front presents a unique set of skills matched with physical challenges. Moving on to competitive levels it is a physical test, which requires a very high level of fitness in order to get the boat moving to its optimum capabilities.

The options of the open version are geared to use for day racing and enjoyment out on the water with others, to the cabin version for when you just want to get away from it all and anchor at a secluded bay and enjoy the best of sailing life.


Endless possibilities for enjoying the sea thanks to Pulse high-quality Rigid Inflatable Boat from 3.5 to 8.5 m. The perfect way to enrich your marine experience, explore the seas and to have fun with family and friends. Everything was designed and made in Sri Lanka by Pulse Marine.

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