Training Center

Our training center, the Building A Future Foundation (BAFF) equips youth with the knowledge they need to become skilled professionals in the yachting industry. BAFF was founded in 2006 for the purpose of improving the living conditions of underprivileged youth depending on the ocean’s resources.

  • Marine electronics
  • Composite works
  • Mast, boom, and sail making
  • RIB manufacturing
  • Modern sailing catamaran manufacturing (up to 51 ft.)
  • Commercial mini marina operations

The BAFF Training Center in Kabalana accommodates 60-100 trainees per year and we are in the process of establishing a second facility in Jaffna. BAFF’s operation extends beyond training to other areas that are related to and benefit the yachting industry.


Jinasena Family


Pierre Pringiers

BAFF Research Center
BAFF Research Center

We conduct research in different areas focused on the yachting industry such as the use of jute fibre and modular boat production. In addition, we also employ our technical knowledge to experiment on projects such as electrical three-wheelers.

BAFF Incubator
BAFF Incubator

We finance and support the establishment of small businesses connected to different nautical sectors. A success story is Mirissa Water Sports, which is the pioneer in safe Whale Watching. It has boomed as a social enterprise and has inspired more Whale Watching operations in Trincomalee and Kalpitiya.


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